Introduction to Business Design Thinking

Introduction to Business Design Thinking

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The Emergence of Business Design Thinking

Business Design Thinking is a relatively new discipline and lives at the intersection of business and design. It has naturally emerged as design methodologies have become more business facing with a growing demand to be more “customer-centric”. This demand is going beyond products and services and into the very DNA of our culture. The pace of change in the world means there is growing pressure on organisations to keep up, compete and remain relevant to rapidly shifting customers. Easier said than done. 

How will This Course Help?

Business Design Thinking plays it part in helping to solve that problem. Typical design principles, as practiced by design agencies, allows you to focus on the desirability of customers. Business modelling and Strategy Design allows you to focus on the feasibility of a business as well as its financial viability. Start-up entrepreneurs around the world are educated from almost every angle about the importance of being customer-centric yet they continue to fail at an alarming rate. Corporate Innovation Teams suffer the same challenge. This course offers you a real world introduction to the topic of Business Design Thinking, which is a lovely blend of methodology, tools and tales from the trenches from seasoned Business Designers.

5 Reasons to Start This Course

98% of start-ups fail and the #1 reason is a “lack of market demand”, which is a very kind way of saying start-ups are building products and services that nobody want. This course helps introduces you to a way of thinking and working that minimizes the risk of such failure.

This is a super relevant topic at the moment that continues to evolve. Get yourself ahead of the game by understanding the language, the principles and why it’s being adopted by businesses of all shapes and sizes around the world

You will hear and learn from seasoned Business Designers from Do Tank. They are an interesting collection of strategy consultants, entrepreneurs, designers, artists and learning scientists who are happy to share their real world gritty experiences making use of Business Design Thinking

If you are looking to inspire others and achieve a shift in mindset then this could equip you with some solid basics to spark very different strategic conversations

Whether you are an aspiring business designer, a start-up entrepreneur, a corporate innovation team or simply someone with a game changing mindset, this course is for you.

What Will You Gain Over These 2 Hours?

An understanding of the four corner stones of the Business Design Thinking approach, which are:

  • Design Thinking;
  • Visual Thinking;
  • Business Model Innovation;
  • and Sprints/Pace

Examples of real world use that comes in the form of tales from the trenches. These will hopefully inspire you into some form of practical action so that you can apply your learning in a way that makes sense. These tales from the trenches are based on real experiences within the following topics:

  • Strategy Design & Implementation;
  • Pitching for Investment;
  • Value Proposition Design;
  • and Large Scale Events

A challenge that you can take to your co-founder or colleague about how Business Design Thinking could/should apply to your organization

Tales From the Trenches

Do Tank has practiced and evolved its own practical version of Business Design Thinking. This course contains accounts from professional business designers about their experiences in the use of the four cornerstones of business design thinking in various settings. Listen to Jarrod describe the impact of Business Design Thinking for one of his customers.

Course Overview

2 Hours

This course is very much an introduction to the topic of Business Design Thinking, it’s not a highly academic exercise. This content is driven by real-world business insights, straight from our Business consulting experience. Our desire is to inspire you into action over the 2 hours of self-learning.

25 Videos

We make learning bite-size to support your knowledge retention. We like to practice what we preach by making our video content highly visual and engaging. We understand the power of the pen and the power of visual thinking.

5 Lessons

We love to keep content relevant, You will experience 5 short topic areas including an introduction which explains the rational around the emergence of Business Design Thinking from the perspective of Do Tank.

1 Download

We encourage practice, practice and reps help the learning process, you will have access to a downloadable document which will encourage you to learn by doing. Giving you support and reference to key visual tools.

Mobile Friendly

We keep it simple so that you can access the content on the go, and consume it when its right for you. Use your mobile, tablet, or laptop to access your digital course on the Academy.

Learn at your own pace

We encourage social interaction to help you validate your learning. You can learn at your own pace and share the course with your network. You will be amazed how quickly you will develop confidence in this topic, by inviting others to the party.